The Best Fashionable Workwear Shoes for Men

Although you’re at work, it doesn’t mean that function cannot meet style. This is the twenty first century and we’ve evolved into a nation of stylish people, especially while at work. We dress up in our best trendy workwear. After all, you spend most of your day work so you should look your best. There is a wide variety of men’s workwear shoes to choose from. Here are the most popular workwear shoes that meet style with safety.

Bronx has a range of workwear shoes that are hard wearing while looking good. The Bronx Men’s Basic Thick Sole shoes offer a thick rubber sole that makes it comfortable to walk in all day long. The style of the shoe is semi-formal with laces. This is ideal for men who walk a lot throughout their day but need a stylish shoe to go with their formal shirt and pants. For a man that works in a suit, the Bronx Men’s City Slip On is ideal as it is formal in appearance with black leather yet is comfortable with a rubber sole.

If you find yourself driving a lot as part of your job, the thick soled shoes will not be suitable for you. You will need a comfortable pair that has a thin sole. The Bronx Men’s Dutti Driver shoes have a stitched upper part with a leather look. They are easy to slip on, won’t hook onto the pedals and form comfortably to your feet. So you’ll have no foot distractions while driving.

CAT is well known for its workwear shoes. They combine function and durability which gives you long term use with every shoe. The CAT Men’s Propane Steel Toe shoe has a protective steel shell on the inside to protect the toes. If anything falls directly on your toes, these shoes are able to minimise the blow. This is the ideal workwear shoe for busy factory workers that lift boxes or other products as part of their job. The CAT Men’s Second Shift Moondance shoe is an ankle boot in leather and a rubber sole. This is a comfortable shoe for factory, warehouse and office workers that want to look stylish.

If you are the type of man that doesn’t want to just look like another worker in their safety shoes, then these are the best options for you. These workwear shoes are designed with style in mind as well as safety, function and durability. Be comfortable, safe and trendy at work.

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08 Jun 2016

5 Fashion and Style Inspirations From Your Favorite Celebrities

1. Casual and glossy like Cara Delevigne

Ms. Delevigne is not only your prime but also your. Cara is well-loved by both and non- because of her confidence and fierceness on and off the catwalk. Her style is borderline casual and glossy. Adapt her casual coolness by bringing out that tousled, ripped jeans, and a simple white tank top out your closet. Pair it with a leather brown blazer and wedged rubber shoes. Take hold of her glossy side while donning that formal wear imprinted with geometric shapes with a whip of black and white.

2. Rock it like Janet Jackson

You guess it right, if there’s any celebrity style inspiration you would get from the music industry, it’s probably Janet! The sultry diva depicts the woman of yesterday and tomorrow. Her style is electric and edgy in her music videos but in real life, she clothes herself sweetly with various summer styles. She may be all about black and silver when performing, but you’d definitely see her charm when she graces the red carpet with an all-white androgynous getup!

3. Behati Prinsloo’s got the vibe

Before she became the other half of music icon Adam Levine, Behati has been an in her own means as she is one of the, most popular there is. Starting off as a young Namibian model, Prinsloo is a who spells S-P-U-N-K in her style! She’s your modern day woman who keeps the image even when she’s just buying groceries. Now if you like to try this secret angel’s style, get ready to mix and match. Printed pants, denim shorts, cowboy hats – name it, Behati’s got it!

4. Coachella queen Vanessa Hudgens

High School Musical alumnus Vanessa Hudgens is your ultimate when it comes to dressing up for music festivals like Coachella! Every year, she brings fresh ideas on how to creatively bring out the boho chic in you. Ms. Hudgens is fond of the bohemian theme, so if you adore looking like a hipster, this will take you to places!

5. Regal like Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, or royally known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is a sure deal. No doubt she possesses the class and poise of the late Princess Diana but she was able to add on her personal style by the accessories she uses to emphasize color and texture of the clothes she wears. Her simplicity in dressing up may not be the material you see from but she sure does make a statement in anything she wears!

08 Jun 2016

Essential Fashion Tips

Fashion is a popular or the latest style of clothing, decorations, behaviors and designs. Fashion is all around us, from the people you meet at work all the way to the countless fashion shows and bazaars. Most importantly, fashion especially in clothing brings out the appearance and taste of a person. You can be trendy, following the latest trends in design, color and style, or you can belong to the “luxurious” group, wearing on all the branded products, or you can be unique, experimenting with dozen difficult types of matching, colors and bold designs, or you can choose not to care, simply wearing whatever is available, as long as you are covered.

Whichever group you belong to, there is no doubt that you will need some fashion tips to keep you going. Here goes:

1) Keeping up with trends, or at least know the trends

Keep a lookout for the various fashion shows by top designers and brands; find out what is common amongst the many outfits and pieces. Is it the color, the pattern or a certain design that has a certain repetition, that could actually provide you with the main gist about what the designer is focusing on, and that could be your answer to understand the trend. Next, if possible, read fashion magazines as they can provide you with the latest fashion trends in this ever-changing and fast-paced fashion frenzy. If you want to go a step further, you can actually purchase similar items or create the pieces that you have seen in the latest trends. But be careful, this plan could backfire badly, which will be explained further in the next point.

2) Not everything in trend will suit you

You can see a really stunning and alluring dress worn by Jennifer Lawrence, or a dazzling suit worn by Chris Hemsworth, and then there you are, looking awkward and pathetically plain-looking. Different people have different body structures and skin tones, so it is only normal to see that not every piece of outfit will suit everyone. Dress like your age and body type, do not try to be too ambitious and overdo everything. In contrast, some clothing that you might deem as repugnant will turn out to look good on you, seriously.

3) Note the fashion trends that never go out of style

If you belong to the “do-not-care-about-latest-trends” or no time to keep a lookout, you will have to at least bear in mind some of the trends that never go out of style. This section will be separated for the males and females. We begin for males:

  • Plain crew neck T-shirt– Always look good for a casual outing with friends and family.
  • Black leather shoes- Undoubtedly stylish and always a good fit for events or work.
  • Dark straight jeans- Essential need that every man should own, always come in handy.
  • Leather belt- Perfect for jeans, dress pants and sometimes even bermudas.
  • Classic black tuxedo suit- one that you will automatically turn to for formal events to look sharp.

For the females:

  • Skinny or straight jeans- Already an essential for men, jeans will never go out of style for women too.
  • Collared shirts- Good for many different occasions as they are designed in many ways.
  • Little black dress- Known to make you look slimmer than usual, versatile for many occasions.
  • A pair of black pumps- Fits and matches many different types of attire, an essential must-have.

4) There is no need to go for the logo every time

“Have you seen the latest Louis Vuitton bag?” or “Oh my god, the latest Adidas Superstars is so nice, I’m going save up to buy it.”

It is just a brand and guess what, you are paying so much for the brand and their logo. Yes, we get the idea that they are “authentic” and look really astounding, but is it really worth your money? There should be a common understanding that if you have the extra cash, by all means enjoy the luxury brands available. On the other hand, if you are cash-tight and want to spend your cash wisely, go for the more affordable ones, make full use of your budget. Clothes that you buy from more affordable stores can have more defined style than those with logos, really.

08 Jun 2016

Men’s Summer Fashion: Espadrilles

Men’s sandals have undergone a stylish makeover over the last couple of years. They are not known as slippers or flip-flops anymore. They now have a name that is as fashionable as the piece of footwear itself- espadrilles. For long, men’s espadrilles have been the unsung heroes of casual footwear. Whether you want to wear something other than flip-flops to the beach or need a comfy pair to put your feet up in during the weekend, espadrilles are the way to go.

What are espadrilles?

Espadrilles are usually made of lightweight canvas or cotton with a soft, rubber sole and jute-fibre rope braided around the edge. If your feet are sore from your socks and office shoes, then a pair of espadrilles is the perfect thing to help them relax in. Espadrilles are available for both men and women, and go with any form of casual wear. They are lightweight, which means you can easily stuff them into your bag and carry them anywhere without worrying about excess baggage.

Where can you wear espadrilles?

When you buy men’s espadrilles online, do bear in mind that they are unquestionably casual wear stuff, and are not the same thing as your formal shoes. Espadrilles can be called outdoor slippers; they are perfect for an evening walk in the park, a summer afternoon by the pool, or for a casual day out with friends. They are more popular in warmer, humid climes where keeping the feet covered in shoes and socks isn’t always comfortable. Espadrilles are also ideal for outdoor gatherings and music festivals where you need something soft and cushiony for your feet. However, do remember that espadrilles are not fit for traversing through rain or slush. Have a pair of boots for such a day.

Colours, design, and fit

Espadrilles are available in a wide variety of colours and designs. However, the colourful, floral-patterned, wedge-heel ones are for women, so stay away from those. If you’re going for a masculine look, avoid the bold, bright colours and stick to the neutral ones like grey, black, brown, navy, and tan. No matter how casual your look is, if you’re opting for patterns, do ensure they don’t clash with the rest of your attire.

Espadrilles are meant for you to relax in, therefore they are generally loose-fitting. Modern espadrilles are more like plimsolls with more support and elasticized bands. If you’re looking for snug-fitting men’s shoes online, then go for a size smaller.

Final words

Espadrilles are not constructed to handle daily wear and tear like other men’s shoes, and are best kept away from water and rigorous activities. Wear them with your shorts or your cargos, or even your chinos to make a striking fashion statement without compromising on comfort.

08 Jun 2016

3 Things to Remember While You Purchase Men’s Shoes

You can judge a man by his shoes“. This is a common quote we all hear and to some degree is true as those who have shabby shoes on their feet are known to be undisciplined when compared to those who wear classy shoes that portray their personality to be disciplined. A person wearing classy shoes doesn’t always mean they need to be expensive but should be presentable and not something dusty or torn. A good pair of shoes, when worn, should also complement the outfit one wears. A casual pair of shoes with a formal attire and vice-versa also indicates that the person doesn’t have the basic sense of style.

While you choose your footwear, you often get confused with the various colours and styles available. It depends on you to make a choice about the kind of shoes you intend to purchase which would match to the attire you want to wear. While you make a decision on the footwear, here are a few tips that could help you own the right shoes and have them for long.

• Know the worth of a shoe for a particular occasion – It may not matter to you, but it does matter to your body and the occasion on which you wear a pair of shoes. Wearing a pair of formal shoes for a morning exercise would not only damage your feet by not protecting it well but also make it look out of place where the shoe doesn’t suit the requirement of the moment.

• Spend well on the shoes you buy – It isn’t feasible for one and all to spend a lot of money on the shoes they purchase. Keeping that in mind, several shoe manufacturers manufacture good quality shoes at affordable prices and are of good quality. Investing in a good pair of shoes would make it last longer and save up on money that would be spent on buying something of an inferior quality every two years.

• Ensure that you are comfortable – Do not purchase a shoe by looking at the price tag. An extremely expensive shoe may not be comfortable for your feet and give you shoe bites whenever you wear them. It is essential not to compromise on the comfort factor. While you pick a shoe and try it on, it is essential to walk around with it to see if it is snug on your feet. If you notice even a minor fault or pain, the shoe isn’t right for you.

08 Jun 2016

Easy and Valuable Fashion Tips for Women

There are several women who struggle hard to look fashionable and stylish throughout the year. Keeping pace with the changing times, even those who consider themselves to be fashionable find it difficult to stay fashionable all the times. Here are a few essential tips that you should follow to adopt the fashion trends of the relevant industry.

Highlight strength of your body

You should look out for style that helps you to accentuate the strength of your body and that allows you to hide its weakness at the same time. For instance, women who have slim figures should wear clothes such as one piece dress, V neck dresses that are perfect to highlight their thin waistlines. Women who have tall figures should not wear stripes that make them look ugly and unattractive.

Go for quality items

When you buy clothes or jewelries, it is vital that you should check if they are of high quality. It is important that you should two or three high quality fashion items and you should not choose low quality fashion items in bulk. It is wrong to think that high quality one would be quite expensive for you. Your objective is to buy one from a popular brand that perfectly suits your personality and that helps to accentuate the strength of your body to a great extent.

Develop an exclusive look

The next step is to look out for clothing designs as well as clothing styles that help you to look beautiful and that allow you to feel comfortable to a great extent. If you are able to find one it is advisable that you should buy at least two or three such items at one time. For example, if you find a wonderful pair of trousers that perfectly accentuate your glamour attributes, then you must try to buy two or three pairs of trousers in different colors.

Experiment with new items

When you stick to what seems to work best for you, it is equally vital that you should try out new things. It does not mean that you have to abandon all the things that you have worn so far. The best tip is to buy pre-worn clothes that are still in good condition. In this way you can save your money and at the same you have the opportunity to try out new fashion items.

Follow a simple style

If you are in doubt, it is advisable that you should wear basic jewelries such as earrings, bangles and necklace and you should follow a classic style. To adopt this classic style you should wear a black dress and red colored stilettos.

Go for appropriate outfits

You can wear tailored outfits that perfectly fit your body type. Wearing customized clothes is your first initiative of discarding your dull appearance and moving towards adopting a fashionable look and appearance.

Save your money

You do not have to purchase costly fashion items in order to look fashionable. Even less expensive clothes, jewelries etc. can be an ideal option for you, only when they are able to display your best features of your body.

08 Jun 2016

Fashion And Style: Different T-Shirt Printing Types

Custom t-shirt printing is one way to make yourself not only fashionable but also unique. This is the reason many are interested in custom printing. From cute designs, to statement pieces, customizing t-shirts have evolved in such a way that even the fashion world is taking notice. From traditional screen printing to 3D printing, below are several ways that one can customize their shirt(s).

Screen Printing

Screen printing is perhaps the most popular as it is also the cheapest way to transfer an image to a shirt. One only needs a mesh screen, fabric ink, a squeegee and a basic cotton shirt. The screen is coated with a special material that hardens when exposed to the light. When the material is removed, the image is embedded in the screen. The screen is then placed on top of the t-shirt where fabric ink is added. The ink is then pressed out of the design with a squeegee. Once the ink hardens, the screen is removed and the outline of the image is clearly seen on the t-shirt. One benefit of using this method is that the mesh screen is re-usable and one can make use of the design repeatedly. That said, using this method is slow as one has to do the process of transferring individually.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is particularly popular for its ease of use and since heat is used, the design is transferred quickly. Heat transfer designs are available widely and one can even do it at the comforts of their own home. Simply place the design backwards onto the t-shirt and use any heat equipment such as a household iron. Run the iron on the design several times to ensure the design is transferred thoroughly. Although transferring the design is fast, easy and the price is relatively cheap, the designs do not last long and some may crack over a period of time, ending up with damage in the design.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the newest form of printing as it directly prints on the garment. Digital printing is popular as it allows a clear image design output thanks to color separation features. As the designs are printed directly on the material, the fabric absorbs the color allowing for a longer and realistic appearance. Although digital printing is popular, only a few people utilize it as the machine is a bit expensive. This type though is ideal for those who are interested in opening up their own printing business.

08 Jun 2016

5 Sports Shoe Mistakes People Should Avoid

Buying a pair of sports shoes? Before you browse an online sports shop, take the time to consider these 5 sports shoe mistakes people should avoid so you’ll get the most out of your efforts.

Not considering the use. Are you going to use it for basketball? Football? Running? Or as lifestyle shoes? Obviously, shoes have a different make-up and technology based on the sport they are made for. So always use shoes which are sports-specific to get the maximum benefits. Sports-specific shoes also have the intended protection for your feet based on the rigors of the sports you’ll be playing. Lotto shoes, Reebok and Diadora are just some of the brands which offer sports-specific shoes.

Buying the wrong size. A lot of people think that it’s okay to buy shoes which are a size smaller because it will expand when they “break it in.” Or it’s okay to buy bigger shoes since you’ll grow into them anyway. Both beliefs, however, will get your feet in a lot of trouble. Smaller shoes can cause injury because of the lack of movement of your feet. With the restrictions in movement, your toenails can also be damaged (eventually causing it to fall off). On the other hand, with bigger shoes, your feet can slip and slide, causing blisters and ankle problems. The best option is still to buy the correct size. Nevermind, “breaking in” the shoes, they should be snug from the start.

Choosing price over comfort. The most expensive shoes are not exactly what’s best for you. But cheap shoes aren’t the way to go either. The primary consideration should be how comfortable you are wearing the shoes. A lot of mid-range selling shoes offer the same comfort and technology of expensive shoes.

Forgetting about surface. One shoe, for all occasions. This is a common mistake people make, mostly because of practical reasons. People sometimes forget that some shoes have outsoles that are made for specific surfaces. Like football cleats made for grass, if you use them on the pavement, the studs can easily be damaged. Some running shoes are also not made for trail runs. Although it’s easier to keep the shoes on after training rather than putting on a different pair, using the shoes for a surface it was not meant to handle can seriously damage the shoes. Use an old pair for other surfaces or buy a new pair for that particular surface.

Not choosing a reputable online shop. Let’s face it, days can be busy and going to an online sports shop to buy shoes is a great convenience. However, with the abundance of online shops on the Internet it may be difficult to distinguish which shop has original products, and personal and credit card information protection. So don’t just buy from any online shop. Choose a reputable online shop. Doing so assures that you get authentic shoes with favorable consumer policies for your protection. Also, if you’re on a budget, you can take advantage of the offers and discounts online shops usually have for their customers.

08 Jun 2016

Sportswear Companies Embracing Fashion Modeling

Is sportswear the future of fashion ? In recent years, we see the numerous collaborations between sportswear giant Adidas with Japanese designer Junichi Abe’s Kolor as well as Jeremy Scott and Nike with Germany-based Acronym designer Johanna F. Schneider and model Karlie Kloss, to say a few.

These sportswear companies are always known for their core and foundation of athletic performance, so the uphill trends of these companies starting to embrace fashion-related activities and products are showing the signs of looking fashionable even in casual sports outfit. There are so many sportswear brands out in the market, to name a few, we have the usual Adidas and Nike, and others like Puma, Reebok, New balance and Under Armour et cetera.

While there can be countless reasons as to why sportswear brands are hugging fashion, such as the perception that there is no performance without style, the very main idea remains, people love well-made clothing and at the same time, providing them with the comfort and not losing style. Some of the benefits that sportswear provides are as follows:

They are readily accessible – While the fashion shows are breathtaking and eye-popping, how many of those outfits can you actually get it in stores? In stark contrast, you can get Nike and Adidas products in stores conveniently, some even at an affordable rate for the premium materials, offering those top-notch fashion labels a run for their money.

They are actually pretty fashionable – Adidas’s Originals like Superstars and Stan Smith shoe collections, Climacools, Adizeros, Nike’s FlyKnit and New Balance’s Vazee and many more are actually really attractive, coming in a huge variety of designs and colors and appealing to the fashion-conscious individuals. Therefore, there is a huge opportunity for this group of people to choose what appeals best to them.

They keep you comfortable and protects you – Whatever you are required to do, wearing a pair of Nike shoes, completed with an Adidas shirt and joggers, will keep you comfortable all day, and the shoe technology integrated will keep you away from sores and blisters. They also reduce the cases of movements being hampered during outdoor activities.

Usually, the latest trends give off an uncomfortable vibe but sporty fashion look is the comfiest in the fashion industry. It gives people the alternative of being able to wear looser and cosier outfits other than the usual skin-tight and figure-hugging clothes. Sportswear and fashion collaborations are a way of expanding the company’s creative ecosystem and keeping consumers engaged and pumped up in a rapidly moving market. Sportswear is very lifestyle apparel and people want to have that fashion element incorporated into their lifestyles, so it is no surprise that sportswear is embracing fashion.

Without a doubt, there is appropriate attire for every occasion, but it is important to note that sportswear eliminates the need to overdress and allows you to escape from the office wears and corporate attires. Of course, it is vital that you coordinate your clothes well and also manage to look sleek and striking like when you are in your other fashionable wear. Sportswear fashion has redefined the essence of fashion, as it is about cutting away the clichés, put on a bold and unique style and constant experimenting with various combinations. That is how we can distinguish ourselves from people. Hopefully this article has given you some insights about the blurring lines between sportswear and fashion, and how this trend is going to further make a mark in the world of fashion.

08 Jun 2016

Getting Expert Beauty Tips From Beauty And Fashion Blogs

When it comes to beauty and fashion, many people really need guidance. The regular gal can always use and appreciate a good trick. The passionate, meanwhile, consider the daily posts nourishment to thrive on. Beauty blogs abound all over the world. They vary in style, in topic, and in many other different aspects as well, but particularly in quality. You don’t want a case of the blind leading the blind, or even just a case of settling for something good enough. You want to follow blogs that are definitely a good fit for you.

So in deciding which blogs to follow, you need to establish a set of criteria. Expertise is essential, of course. The proof is in the pudding. Check out the picture of the bloggers. It should be evident that they practice what they preach. There are world-renowned beauty and fashion bloggers, but you need to keep in mind that location is also relevant. What works in the wet and humid places or areas may not work in the hot and dry areas, so if you’re from that place, it makes sense to follow a beauty blog that focuses more on the kind of fashion that’s perfect for the place you are in.

On the other hand, if you want to cover all bases, it’s also good to follow blogs from some of the most fashionable places in the world. You want to be up-to-date on the latest, so it still makes sense to follow beauty and fashion bloggers even if you’re from elsewhere. As you know, the place is one of the top playgrounds for the rich and the famous, so you can expect its fashion industry to always be front and center. If you’re not convinced, you should know that beauty is actually part of today’s tourism. So many people flock to the emirate to take advantage of its world-class cosmetic services. If you want to know what the latest, most innovative offerings in the field of beauty are, turn to expert beauty bloggers.

Since each reader has her preference, you need to find out if you like tutorials more than you do reviews, if you prefer a casual tone or a professional tone, if you care about natural and organic beautification or have some other specific penchant like frugal primping, etc. Blog followers usually seek balance, so many bloggers try to vary their post to meet different needs. Some of them even run advice columns to better interact with their readers

08 Jun 2016